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OC Transpo Lost & Found Sale, Items Priced at 25¢ and up (Ottawa)

OC Transpo Lost & Found Sale, Items Priced at 25¢ and up (Ottawa)
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!
If you're in Ottawa this weekend, you might want to check out the OC Transpo Lost & Found Sale! It's running Saturday, October 30 from 12-2 PM. What's available at a Lost & Found sale? Basically, the sorts of things that people lose on public transit! Jackets, mobile devices, sunglasses -- and, we would imagine, a whole bunch of umbrellas. More valuable items will be sold by silent auction.

The proceeds of the sale will benefit Heartwood House, a charitable organization. The sale will be held at Heartwood House, 153 Chapel Street, in Ottawa.
Source: Source: everylittlecent via the Hot Deals Forum
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    • Handa
    • wow, great! maybe I'll check this out. Hot Deal on found passports!! lol thanks OP!
    • mr.interested
    • My guess is that this would be a good place to buy an umbrella.
    • mtl_cheapo
    • i lost my usb this year...pretty sure it was on an OC transpo bus....maybe i'll get lucky and be able to buy it back....
    • quickinferno
    • My guess is that this would be a good place to buy an umbrella.
      i saw the picture in the metro today... the lost and found lady was by a table with tons of cameras and stuff.. and then like 3 bins of umbrellas.
    • mabba18
    • My guess is that this would be a good place to buy an umbrella.
      Yup, they're usually $1 each, and if you dig through you can find a few nice brand name ones. If you wait right till the end, you can get 2-3 for $1

      Otherwise, there's little of anything else. We go mostly as looky-loos and selection has been poor for the last few sales (yet another after effect of the strike ). They used to have new donated items, like branded T-shirts shopping bags, corporate shwag type stuff, but not so much anymore. The clothes that they do have are ok (Gloves? Maybe Hats? Wash them really, really well), and you might find a gem (like the $2 windbreaker that I got a while ago). Tons of lanyards, keychains (no keys), sunglasses. They have electronics on a silent auction, but there's rarley anything worth staying to the end for. I don't know who would buy a used water bottle, thermos, or lunchbag.

      Still, it's for charity so it never hurts to take a look.
    • dux
    • I need an umbrella, I hope I will find a nice one

      thanks op
    • goofball
    • Ottawa is so under represented here!
      Look for the Ikea Wacky Wednesday posts We get some of the worst sales!
    • Stephie
    • I'm always tempted to go to this but wonder if it's worth the time/effort/gas of driving downtown on the weekend. Never thought of posting it here before though, good idea OP.

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