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Technical Cash Back Help

1) What is Cash Back?

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Cash Back is an instant rebate service that RedFlagDeals™ members can take advantage of when they make particular online purchases.

2) How does Cash Back work?

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It's simple! Participating online merchants pay RedFlagDeals™ a commission for any sales generated by our members. We split that commission with you for your purchases!

Simply sign in to your RedFlagDeals™ account and click any cash back link (links that are green or in the Cash Back section) to start earning cash on applicable online purchases. Remember to come back and shop through RedFlagDeals™ each time you want to make an online purchase to continue earning cash!

3) What are these green links?

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You will see some deals or forum posts that contain a green EARN CASH BACK link following a normal (blue) link. If you're interested in earning cash back, simply click on the green link. If you are just browsing or not interested in cash back, click the blue link to go straight to the store.

Only green links or clicks from the Cash Back section will be eligible for cash back!

4) Where can I find my Cash Back balance?

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This can be found in your My Account page.

5) How quickly will my cash appear in My Account?

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Most Cash Back rewards will appear one (1) to two (2) weeks after your completed online purchase. Some merchants, however, cannot confirm your purchase until a set return period has elapsed. Therefore, it may take up to thirty days (30) to confirm your cash. Other online purchases that involve reservations (hotels, car rentals, vacation booking etc.) will be credited after the service/vacation is completed.

If more than 30 days has gone by since your purchase and you still don't see your cash showing in your account summary, please Contact Customer Service.

6) When can I get a payout?

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Payouts are processed the 2nd week of each month. Payouts will be generated based on any available funds that are in a user's account.

Payout Minimums:
If you have at least $5.00 in your Cash Back account you are eligible for a payout via PayPal.
If you have at least $50.00 in your Cash Back account you are eligible for a payout via cheque.

But if you've earned less than the minimum, don't worry! We will carry over your money to the next monthly payout period.

At any time, you may visit the My Account page to view your current cash back status or update your payment preferences.

7) How do I get my cash?

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RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back offers two easy ways for you to receive payment.

  1. PayPal: (Minimum payout $5) We will deposit the payment directly into your verified PayPal account. Click here for more information on verifying your PayPal account or click here to create a free PayPal account.

  2. Cheque: (Minimum payout $50) Yes, the good 'ol cheque. We will send a cheque directly to you - and the postage is on us. You can change your personal information (including your address) on the Payment Information. Please be sure it's up-to-date before we send out a payment.

Visit the My Account page to view your cash back balance or go to the Payment Information page to change your payment preference. Note that you must sign-in to change your Cash Back method.

8) Does RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back calculate cash in Canadian currency?

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Yes, all order and rebate amounts are shown in Canadian dollars. Orders reported in U.S. dollars are converted to Canadian dollars at par $1 USD = $1 CAD.

9) Will my payout be sent in Canadian dollars?

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Yes, all PayPal and cheque payments will be sent in Canadian Dollars.

10) I live in Canada, can I shop at U.S. or international stores?

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All stores listed in the Cash Back section serve Canadian addresses (even if they aren't based in Canada). Please refer to store sites for specific information on policies/restrictions and shipping charges. You are responsible for any duties charged for products shipped from the U.S. to Canada.

Technical Help

1) I'm not receiving cash for any of my purchases!

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Although rare, some users may experience issues. Here are the top reasons why a user may not see their purchase tracked within My Account:

  1. Have not waited the full 30 days needed for some orders to be reported
  2. Forgot to click on a RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back merchant (either through the Cash Back page, or via a green Cash Back link elsewhere on the site)
  3. Order was modified after placing it either via phone or email
  4. Cookies are not enabled on your browser
  5. Toolbar or ad blocker is preventing the use of RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back
  6. Shopping from a mobile device

2) I forgot to go through RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back before making my online purchase. Can I still get my cash back?

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Unfortunately, orders placed outside of RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back cannot be credited to your account. You may wish to cancel your order and re-place it after going through RedFlagDeals™ cash back.

3) I want to place my order over the phone or in store. Will I receive cash back?

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Only orders placed online through a Cash Back store or a green Cash Back link on RedFlagDeals™ are eligible for cash back.

4) I want to make changes to my recent order. Will that affect my cash back?

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Making changes to an order may prevent you from receiving your cash back. Some stores might cancel your first order and recreate it with your new changes. The new order will not be credited to RedFlagDeals™ so we will not be able to track and issue your cash back.

If you realize that changes are needed for your order we suggest you cancel it and replace the order through RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back.

5) Can I use RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back on my tablet or mobile phone?

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RedFlagDeals™ Cash Back is not currently supported on these devices.

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