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May 03 2012

Join RFD on May 10 for a Twitter Chat with Prizes, Shopping Tips & Tricks and Tools!

By Danielle O'Hanley

We had such a great time at our Twitter chat in December, we're doing it again! Join @RedFlagDeals on Thursday May 10 at 12PM MTN (2PM EDT) for an interactive Twitter chat about getting the BEST deals throughout the year! We'll be chatting about what to buy when, how to maximize your savings on your summer vacation and how to shop warehouse sales like a pro.

The crew behind will lead the discussion with mom blogger Carla Young and a team of panelists who will share their shopping tips and tricks.

Meet The Panelists:

  • Carla Young (@CarlaYoung)
    Publisher of, an online resource publication for working and entrepreneurial moms. Carla prides herself on being organized to the extreme, developing support systems for both her work and family life. She shares her practical tips and tricks on!

  • Marlo Boux (@Marloboux)
    Marlo is the host and producer of GirlTalk -- a radio show featuring women's issues and women's voices. As a busy mother of four, she is always on the hunt for a great deal. When she's not fulfilling her role as a media personality and mom, you can find her curled up with a book, doing Pilates, or running the trails in Winnipeg.

  • Jill Amery (@urbanmommies)
    Jill is a mom of 2 monkeys/stormtroopers and editor and publisher at UrbanMommies Media. Though she's based in Canada, her palette is mostly French and her fashion sense is decidedly Italian. When taking a break from her busy travel schedule, she can be found hosting complicated dinner parties or surfing eBay for obscure vintage gowns.

Learn how key features of the site can help you feel the rush of finding those hot deals, stackable coupons and freebies throughout the year:

  • Discover our forums, where there's over 11 million pages of deals gathered by our staff and community of 500,000+ members
  • Stay Social! – Add us to your favourite stream on Twitter and Like us on Facebook so you never miss another door crasher again. We also give away weekly prizes exclusively to our Twitter and Facebook friends.
  • Our super cool iPhone App - For the person on-the-go, there’s the iPhone app, ranked one of the top Canadian productivity apps and featured on Apple’s App Store page!

...and much much more!

During the chat, we'll be giving away two Keurig Mini KUB31R brewing systems (with one of our super exclusive mugs), two $25 Walmart gift cards and two $25 Indigo gift cards.

All you have to do to enter is:

  • Follow @RedFlagDeals on Twitter
  • RSVP in the comments below
  • Join one or both of our #RFDChat chats on Twitter (hint: use Tweetchat to follow along)

About Twitter Chats:

A Twitter chat is an interactive discussion hosted on Twitter using a keyword hashtag to track the topic. Participants and panelists will answer questions and share tips on a particular topic theme adding the hashtag to the end of their answer.

To participate in a Twitter chat, simply follow the hashtag using Twitter Search OR login to Tweetchat using your Twitter ID and the chat hashtag. Don’t forget to add the chat hashtag to all your answers so your response is seen by other chat participants.

Remember to RSVP in the comments below! Include your Twitter handle so we can see who's participating!


May 03 2012

H&M Announces Designer Collaboration with Anna Dello Russo

By Danielle O'Hanley

Hot on the heels of the Marni at H&M collaboration, H&M has announced their next designer collabroation. This October, Anna Dello Russo will be designing a line of jewellery, sunglasses, shoes and bags to be sold at 140 H&M locations worldwide.

While H&M has paired with fashion designers before, this is the first time they have enlisted a fashion director for a collaboration (she was the fashion editor for Vogue Italia for over a decade).

The accessory line is slated to hit stores on October 4, 2012. If the line is at all like her site, I think we can expect lots of quirky pieces with pops of bright colour. I'll be counting down the days to the launch!

Image credit: Magnus Magnusson


May 02 2012

Marvel and Visa Team Up for Avengers: Saving the Day

By Kate Musgrove

As far as mash-ups go, I can't say that this is one I expected to see! Marvel Comics has teamed up with Visa to offer Saving the Day, a comic book designed to teach kids about managing money. It features Spider-Man and the Avengers teaming together to fight super villain Mole Man. The comic is cute, and well-drawn, but I was pretty skeptical about a credit card company teaching kids the basics of financial literacy. It's actually well done, though -- they take care to define and describe ideas like budgeting, expenses and interest and keep the credit card talk to a minimum. It's designed for kids in grades 2-7 and fittingly, the information seems like pretty basic, rudimentary stuff.

The comic is available online in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Bahasa Indonesia, but it's not clear if they are printing physical copies.


May 01 2012

Hudson's Bay Company Plans to Bring Bloomingdale's To Canada

By Danielle O'Hanley

This morning, The Globe and Mail reported that HBC is in talks with Bloomingdale's, possibly in the hopes of bringing the American brand to Canada. Bloomindale's would join other American stores that have recently made the move up to Canada (or are in the process of doing so), including J.Crew, Target, Tory Burch and Neiman Marcus.

According to the article, Bloomingdale's shops would appear within the Bay location on Bloor Street West in Toronto, as well as inside a store in Calgary and Vancouver (similar to the setup they currently have with Topshop).

Bloomingdale's currently offers $9.99 flat rate shipping for their Canadian customers for orders that come to $100 or more, but it would be nice to have a physical store in town! What are your thoughts on the possible expansion?


May 01 2012

Deal Debate: $1 Soft Drinks From McDonald's

By Kate Musgrove

One of my favourite deals of the year is the $1 soft drinks from McDonald's. Typically the promotion runs from the end of April through Labour Day, and although I indulge once or twice a week, at most, I think it's a great value and a wonderful treat, especially on a hot day. Not everyone is a fan of the deal, though -- some RFD staffers and forum posters feel like it's 12 cents of carbonated water and syrup so you're still not getting a deal, even at $1. And others feel like with the average calorie count of a soft drink, you're better off skipping them entirely.

On the other hand: yes, it's twelve cents worth of sugar and water, but there's no restaurant or store in North America that's actually going to sell you a twelve-cent drink. (In fact, the regular cost of a large drink at McDonald's is about $2.50!) And while you can often pick up 12- or 18-packs of soft drinks in cans at prices that net out to about 30 cents a can, for many people, a canned drink isn't as satisfying as a fountain drink with lots of ice. As for the health-conscious nay-sayers -- they're totally right. Water is a far better beverage than soda, hands down. But soda is a nice occasional treat -- especially at $1!

In summary, I fall squarely on the yay side of $1 fountain drinks. You?


$1 Fountain Drink Deal

Yea or Nay

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This poll is now closed.

  • Yea -- it's a nice summer treat and a great deal!
  • Nay -- just don't like this deal.

Based on 245 votes.


April 27 2012

Adventures in Shopping: Same Store, Same Mall, Two Very Different Offers!

By Kate Musgrove

Last week I dumped a gigantic (truly -- gigantic) glass of water all over my desk here at the HQ, and my cell phone took the brunt of the spill. My phone was instantly fried, obviously, but luckily our office is very close to a major mall that contains two separate Rogers store locations. (Yes, I'm with Rogers and yes, when my contract is up I will probably hoof it over to Mobilicity.)

Here's where things get interesting: I went to the first location, presented the issue and asked what my options were. The guy behind the counter presented a couple of different suggestions, none of which cost less than $500 and none of which involved me having a phone like the one that had died --he was offering very primitive phones at steep prices. At the second location, the guy behind the counter gave me an upgraded phone (a BlackBerry Bold 9990 to replace the BlackBerry Curve I had) for $150 plus a $50 mail-in rebate. After fees and taxes I was out less than $200 and I had a phone with a touchscreen. (I know I might get some flak for choosing BlackBerry, but I like the way they handle email and I like having a keyboard. And I'm prone to dumping to gigantic glasses of water on myself.)

I have always known that shopping around and comparing prices saves money, and I had certainly experienced a variety of responses when I called Rogers customer service. But it was interesting to me to get two wildly different offers from the same company in the same mall -- I expected there, at least, I would find some consistency in the offers. (Although it's obviously for the best that the second location didn't offer me what the first location had!)

What was your latest comparison shopping adventure?


April 26 2012

Free Online Storage Options for Canadians

By Kate Musgrove

Google just announced the launch of Google Drive, an online storage service that offers 5GB for free. It's got some neat features, including Google Docs integration, a search engine that recognizes objects in pictures and can read the text in scanned documents and the option to look back through up to 30 days of revisions. Google Drive isn't the only free storage option in town, of course, and since most of us have more than 5GB to back up, here's a look at where else you can store your stuff:

  • Amazon Cloud Drive - 5 GB of free storage.
  • iCloud from Apple - 5 GB of free storage. You need an Apple ID (which is free) to set it up, and although it works best with Apple products it does also work on PCs and other non-Apple devices.
  • - 5 GB of free storage.
  • - 2 GB of free storage.
  • - 2 GB of free storage to start, but for each new user you refer, you'll get another 500 MB of storage, up to a maximum of 18 GB.
  • SkyDrive from Microsoft - 7 GB of free storage, but the service isn't as nimble as many of the others and most of the integration support has been put into Windows phones, which just aren't that popular.


April 25 2012

What's New: Eyelash Extension Reviews, $1200 Lanvin Dresses....For Kids and More!

By Kate Musgrove

Here's some of the frivolous (and downright ridiculous!) fashion news we came across today:
  • The New York Times is reporting on high-end fashion for kids, and they don't mean a $70 Gap dress -- they are referring to $1200 tulle dresses by Lanvin and a $375 Burberry trench, for example.
  • I'm more than a little curious about eyelash extensions which has lead me to reading more than a few online reviews.
  • Currently in the UK -- and making its way to the US in the next year -- is the Bodymetrics pod, which will do a 3D scan of your body and give you suggestions about what brands and styles of jeans will fit your body best. I wonder about the use of 3D technology to make suggestions -- why don't they take the same information and stitch up a pair of perfectly-fitting jeans?
  • On the other hand, I guess that's what is for!

What's the best (or worst) thing you read online today?


April 24 2012

How Do You Watch TV?

By Kate Musgrove

Ten years ago, I watched TV live, as it happened, or I watched series on DVD. And that was basically it! If I missed a show as it aired, I read a written recap of it to catch up. These days, I take in media in a lot of different forms. I haven't had cable for several years so I consume everything via Netflix, network sites streaming content and the occasional download.

So, basically because I'm curious, how do you watch TV? You can select multiple options, so tell us your top two or three venues.


How do you watch TV/movies?

Pick all that apply.

This poll is now closed.

This poll is now closed.

  • Live, or recorded with DVR, via a big-name cable company
  • Online, through network sites that offer streaming content
  • via Netflix, Roku or a similar device
  • Downloaded from a free P2P torrent site
  • I just don't watch TV

Based on 225 votes.


April 23 2012

RIP, Vancouver Canucks 2011-2012

By Amanda Aikman

As the sole Vancouver resident on the RFD staff, I'd like to take a moment to eulogize the Vancouver Canucks' 2011-12 season/post season. We're still in shock in my house, despite having lived on the elimination brink since the end of game 3. We really believed things would turn around, how could they not? Well, now we know how...but instead of focusing on the pain of the game-5 overtime loss, we choose to focus on the many amazing moments that preceded it. And the many amazing moments that will follow it.

As Canucks fans, we know we aren't beloved by all. Even the most delusional member of the Canucks Nation can't deny that many people love to hate the team we love to love, but that's okay. We'll take the diving jokes and the riot jokes. We'll put them with the Luongo jokes and the fair-weather fan comments. And we'll bide our time. Because it will come. (It will come, right?)

The Canucks are dead. Long live The Canucks. And now, I guess, it's time to cheer for Ottawa. Go Sens!

Amanda's son experiences the agony of The Canucks defeat. Turns out, it can be cured with ice cream and hugs -- take note, Vancouver.