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November 12 2012

The Cost of Christmas (Shopping)

By Amanda Aikman

According to a recent Financial Post article, Canadians plan to spend an average of $1610 over the course of the upcoming holiday season. Of that $1610, $674 is the amount likely to be spent on gifts ($91 higher than last year’s average).

Of course, we’re pretty sure that savvy shoppers can spend less than that, or at least get more for their $674! How do you stack up against the national average?


Holiday Gift Spending

Where does your gift-giving budget fit?

This poll is now closed.

This poll is now closed.

  • Sounds about right to me, sign me up for $674.
  • With my coupons and forum info? Pffft…I can come in at way, way less than that.
  • I’ve always been above average, why shouldn’t my gift budget be as well? Sorry credit cards, time to take one for the team!

Based on 57 votes.

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